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Massage Therapy


Swedish massage provides both mental and physical relaxation for a soothing experience. The benefits include increased blood circulation, improved range of motion, and reduced anxiety. This massage can help decrease stress, chronic pain, headaches/migraines, and insomnia.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is ideal for releasing chronic tension. The slow, firm strokes against the grain of the muscle may cause some discomfort because of the impact to deep layers of muscle and connecting tissues, known as fascia. A certified and experienced massage therapist is a must for a deep tissue massage because of the depth and detail given to your muscles. Trust your therapist to massage your pain away and relax as much as possible for the best results.

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Pressure Points

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is the fastest way to relieve stress and tension from your muscles. You can experience a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment. Regular trigger point therapy with your massage can help naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.


A prenatal massage is beneficial for relieving muscle pain, reducing anxiety, and regulating mood. This massage is not a traditional massage due to the body position and avoidance of sensitive pressure points. Your comfort and safety to the baby is critical for a massage while pregnant. The massage is done while you lie on your side with pillows to help support your back, as lying flat on your back would cause your uterus to put too much pressure on the vein that returns blood from your legs to your heart. Most deep tissue work and certain acupressure points should be avoided.


Chair Massage

Chair massage focuses on the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. Massage therapists are able to offer on-site massage in many environments because of the portability of the massage chair, and clients do not need to disrobe to receive a chair massage. Due to these two factors, chair massage is often performed in settings such as massage parties, events, conferences, and other corporate settings.

Therapeutic Massage

With a therapeutic massage, each session is customized to your needs. Whether it be upper body or one specific area, clients should feel refreshed and rejuvenated after each massage. With just a few treatments, clients can make an enormous difference to their health. While therapeutic massage is often relaxing, the end goal of each session is relief.

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Why Massage Therapy?

Budgeting your time and money for regular body work is a good investment in your health.

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60 minute massage

Best for Swedish massage


90 minute massage

Best for trigger point therapy and deep tissue


120 minute massage

Best value: A two hour massage allows more time to work on those troublesome areas and help you relax

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Ashley Dabbas

I have practiced massage therapy since 2005 and specialize in therapeutic massage and trigger point therapy. I am licensed and certified with the state of California, and graduated with an Associates Degree in occupational science as a holistic healthcare practitioner. Immediately after graduation, I worked with a chiropractor for over ten years before transitioning to a spa like atmosphere where I stayed for four years. I then created my own business to pursue my passion helping others find their path to wellness and achieve their optimal health. I will continue developing my education and experience toward a PHD in physical therapy so that I can incorporate all of my techniques to help people.

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